Tron Game

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  1. lequisha says:

    it is way too hectic. i tried so hard. good game, but anxious. i guess thats the point? yah feel me?

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Tron Game

Tron Game was based from the 1982 movie by Disney that was moderately successful at the box office it was about a programmer that gets sucked into his computer and it’s electronic world. The film was centered on a game where the players had to cut each other off using motor bikes that left a line behind them.
The Tron game was also released with the film. This is a flash remake of the classic Tron Game featuring light cycles that you control in the digital arena. Your mission is to destroy the opponent’s cycle using your jet wall. This classic game is one or two player and uses the keyboard to control the players. Greetings Program!

Keyboard Space key to start. Use your arrow keys to control the light cycle. Enter Key activates your Turbo boost. Try to block your opponent with your jet wall to destroy their bike.

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