Metal Slug

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Metal Slug

Metal Slug Flash Game. This is a brilliant remake of the Classic Metal Slug arcade game. When we first played this at best arcade we were very impressed with the detailed graphics, smooth scrolling and attention to detail. Whilst its not perfect to the original because of the flash limitations the creators have really done a superb job in modifying the game play to keep the same thrill and enjoyment as per the original. If you loved the Metal Slug arcade game you’ll love playing this version. The only fault I could find is the menu is in Japanese. Aside from that (which doesn’t take long to figure out what buttons to press to start the game) we give Metal Slug a huge thumbs up!

Once the game has loaded use the mouse to click the buttons on the screen to select the difficulty (in Japanese). Keys are: W A S D are to move and duck J K L are to fire, jump and throw bombs

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