Mario BP

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Mario BP

Mario BP. Oh no! BP has set up shop in Mario Land, and now another oil leak has started to kill all the fish in the sea! It’s a good thing Mario is a plumber, because if there’s one thing he knows how to do, it’s fix leaky pipes!

Grab the fish as they die upon contacting the oil and use their bloated fishy corpses to plug the leaks in the pipe before the oil overcomes you. But watch out! BP really doesn’t like outsiders interfering with their ecological disasters, so they’ll be dropping mines and scuba jerks into the water to make your life more difficult. Fortunately, you can use the dead fish as a weapon against them too.

It’s high time somebody puts an end to BP and their reckless actions… go get ‘em, Mario! See if you can last long enough to witness the glorious destruction in Mario BP!

How to Play:

A = Swim S = Throw Fish Arrow Keys = Direction P = Pause

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