Major Masher

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Major Masher

Major Masher’s goal is to collect soul capsules and assimilate them whilst attacking waves of enemies.

You have 70 seconds to find a soul capsule that spawns at random spawn locations in the world (Bottom right mini map will assist you, your the green dot, red dots are the CAPSULE spawn locations [also called tabernacles in game lingo])

- After collecting the capsule, you still need to get it back to the assimilation point in the same 70 seconds. (You start near an assimilation point, you can’t miss it! ).

- Assimilation lasts 30 seconds, during which you will be attacked by waves of enemies, your objective now is to survive. During this time the SCREEN IS FIXED and no scrolling happens.

-The process repeats, your top right shows how many capsules you need to collect in the world. Usually worlds have 3- 5 capsules to collect.

-If you miss a capsule during the 70 second period. You die instantly. So the game has 2 modes of gameplay, one is search and collect and the other is the defense mode during assimilation

-Medals are given based on how fast you collect the capsules. There are 28 achievements that can be unlocked.

How to Play:

WASD = movement.
Mouse = Aim
Mouse Click = shoot
Q = grenade (hold to control grenade power)
R = reload current weapon

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