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Insidia is a unique exploration platformer with over 90 areas, 10 hidden areas, loads of different enemies, powerups and more. The main goal of Insidia is to find 10 repair kits and fix your ship. Repair kits are evenly spread across the map. Inside Insidia is a huge world. You can freely move about one screen at a time. There’s a total of 90 different screens with 10 hidden areas. Player movement is only limited by the terrain which needs proper powerups to overcome.

Powerups are distributed around the map. The are 4 different powerups the player needs to find in order to complete the game. Getting powerups will allow the player to jump higher, move faster, perform a double jump and jump and climb on the walls.

There are lot’s of different enemies in Insidia. Some are unique such as boulder hurling giants, huge worms or behemoths that fill the entire screen.

Players can track their progress through the map. The map is higly detailed and gives and clearly points out where the player has been and where he could go next.

There are 10 hidden areas in the game. These areas are accessed by walking through the walls at points that have sutble hints. The hidden areas each contain a switch. Activating all the switches will allow the players to see an alternate ending sequence upon completing the game.

Inside Insidia are many treasures you would usually seek of any 2010 platform puzzle game.

Move - wasd or the arrow keys. Jump - w, x, space or the up arrow key.

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