Corporation Inc

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Corporation Inc

Corporation Inc is one part building, one part office management… all built from the ground up. You start with an empty plot and have at your disposal many tools to get your business running. While building a nice-looking office is fun, the real challenge comes with from hiring the right employees and managing them correctly in their office environment.

Research and Goals help you get through your building development as well. You’ll earn bonuses for accomplishing tasks on your goals list which will help your office grow! Hiring researchers will help you gain the edge by discovering more office features and hiring options.

In addition to keeping your Corporation Inc employees working you have to keep them happy. Placing them too close to elevators or in bad working conditions (broken lights and desks) will cause them to be sad. You can help ease their unrest with plants, vending machines, and yes, water coolers. It’s all about working a Corporation Inc. building’s design and workers within a great corporate framework.

Corporation Inc Employees

Each Corporation Inc employee is specialized in what they do. In Corporation Inc workers push buttons to earn money, which are managed by Supervisors and aided by Accountants who streamline their productivity. IT Workers keep things running by fixing light fixtures and desks. in Corporation Inc you progress you’ll promote your workers and upgrade their office spaces to create crazy-efficient (or inefficient) work spaces. Be sure to check back as we’ll launch Corporation Inc very soon!

How to Play:

In Game instructions.

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58 Responses to “Corporation Inc”

  1. thatguy says:

    Played for about an hour or so… Love this game.. And then everything bugged out. My bathrooms disappeared, my workers got stuck, everything stopped functioning. Had to quit. Really lame.

  2. Another guy says:

    Same thing happened to me

  3. And Another Guy says:

    I get to about 120-130 employees, objective 25-27 and get the same thing. The first time I just sat and played through it and it eventually started working normally again, but it did take a while. Think there may be too much stuff happening on the screen and the game slows down because if it. Just wait until the add 200 & 300 employee objectives.

  4. Spunkybd says:

    Everyone’s argument is irrelevant. This game ran fine for me with 400+ employees on high with all emotes and all cash flyups enabled. Played for a good 1-2, with no issues what so ever. If your having troubles, reduce the quality, turn off some of the emotes and cash notifications.

    I literally destroyed this game.


    M4A79XTD EVO
    AMD Phenom x3 720 2.8ghz
    XFX 5770
    8gb Corsair XMS 3

    • Just saying says:

      “Everyone’s argument is irrelevant. The game ran fine for me.” Now that’s what I call some brilliant analysis. If it ran fine for Spunky, then every other machine on the planet, with whatever specs, should run it just fine. Brilliance, pure brilliance. And then he literally destroyed the game. If a game ran so well for someone, why, oh why would they destroy it? How was this accomplished? Did you take a hammer to your hard drive? Just curious.

    • SmexyFish says:

      Dude, check your specs against the norm, they are pretty good,

      Regardless of spec the game does seem to lag after awhile. Because of this I have decided that Spunkybds argument is irrelevant…

      Still an amazing game though!!!

  5. Antonio says:

    Pretty good game, but it needs some polish:

    1. IT guys won’t always fix broken computers. I have one employee who does nothing all day because his computer is broken and the IT guys just stand around. I tried moving them closer but no dice. I even tried firing the guy and putting an IT guy at his desk but they still won’t fix the damn computer!
    2. If you have a button that is over an elevator, clicking the button will instead cause you to click the elevator. This is very annoying.
    3. There should be a way to close the little research pop-ups.
    4. Moving employees is a huge bitch. I wish you could click on their desk to select them instead of having to wait for them to come back.

    Other than that, the game is pretty fun!

  6. Matt says:

    I love this game but for some reason my janitors stopped doing anything. They were working fine I didn’t change a thing now all they do is go up to their offices and sit there the whole night. FRUSTRATING!!!!

  7. worker # 728 says:

    I feel like I’m meta-working as a distraction from working… oh the irony

  8. Iliad says:

    What I would really like to see is a fullscreen option.
    This is really awesome though, loving it!

  9. Sax says:

    I’m getting the same problem with people bugging out

  10. Trell says:

    Seems almost too easy? God, distraction.
    Problem: when you come back and continue a game, the budget details are wrong, but the totals are ok, I think.
    Suggestion on the budget: Can the auto-popup at midnite be turned off? It stops them game. Part of the fun of these types of build games is to walk away and leave it running-build up your cash base. the popup stops that cold.

  11. Trell says:

    Why can’t you promote researchers when they’re in an upgraded office?

  12. Thomas says:

    If you are holding shift to place multiple items when the day changes and the numbers for the day pop up, the game allows no more expansion by way of the top bar, only promotions from there on out, unless you reload the page

  13. Jonny says:

    Yeah, the game bugged for me too, some of the offices disappeared and the lifts broke, leaving everyone on the ground floor.

  14. Jurzy Du'ville says:

    The game is fun, much like any “sim” game. Unfortunately, there are room for VAST improvements on this game:

    1. Biggest one, allow us to have multiple VIEWS of the office. I’m not talking about making this a 3D game, but hear me out:
    a) Building mode, where you manage offices, decor and extra structures.
    b) Hiring mode, where you get a full list of your staff, their upgrades, their position in the game and where they are now.
    c) Transportation mode; GOD I hated the elevators. They were bulky, annoying and were an eyesore in my office! Why would anyone ever want one?! Add a separate view that allows us to see which elevators go where.
    d) Progress mode, where you track the individual progress of a certain office/desk.

    2. Allow us to delete decor. Just sayin’.
    2b. Allow us to get SOME money back when we delete something.

    3. Make more PROBLEMS. Make workers deal with more than just happy/sad ratios! Add things like “IT Specialist Jeff has filed a lawsuit for his workplace injury! He has a XX% chance of winning the case!”, or “Senior Worker Susan is filing a complaint against Supervisor John for sexual harassment! There is a XX% chance you will need to fire John!”

    4. With problems, make SPECIALTIES. Turn an HR person into either a sort of “senior consultant” who specializes in general happiness, or a “special claims negotiator” who improves your odds for a positive outcome on those nasty events. Same thing for bosses; have them as supervisors or as trainers (people you can hire to reduce the cost of promotions, etc.)

    6. Give us upgrades per desk, not per office! Add things like “Better Computer”, “Sturdier Desk”, and several options! For example, you’ve got your basic Office Computer, with an Office Desk, with Office Lamp and Office Decoration. You decide you want to upgrade the computer, so you can either go with Windowpanes 7 for increased productivity, a Mack for increased worker happiness, a Penguin for increased work hours, or a Laptop which allows him to make you money even when he’s gone home!

    7. Give us special employee perks. Allow us to buy some employees and upgrade them as hard workers (+efficiency, + work hours, -happiness), office slackers (-efficiency, + happiness for the office), and give us little things to buy for them, like special ties, or walkie talkies to communicate with other staff.

    8. Make researching better! Have the researchers walking around, even at night, to figure out new ideas, breakthroughs, inventions, organizations, etc! Have them run into roadblocks that require breakthroughs, and allow them to collaborate with other coworkers for these ideas and breakthroughs.

    9. Make the office less cluttered! Between IT guys and Supervisors, my offices looked like the Beaches of Normandy, but with less blood and more anguish. Can we make some of these guys a bit more

    There’s plenty more I’ve thought of while playing the game, but these seem to stick out the most for me.

    • BOB says:

      Really, this a simple game to help people forget about every day events. It’s for entertainment, not to figure out how to fix the problems in your work environment. If you need something like that either write the code your self or pay the gentleman who wrote this amusing game to do it for you. I enjoyed the game it allowed me to laugh at some of the conditions of how office life is. Good job to the person who wrote the game, thank you.

  15. Henry says:

    alot of the time it wont let me buy a janitor or other professions

  16. jim says:

    I like to poo but i can’t, boo hoo, i want to doo doo (thats poo) on you.

  17. Stumbleth Upon says:

    Cool Game. Beat it on Day 39.

    P.S. For anyone having trouble playing, make sure your browser and applicable add-ons are updated!

  18. stumbled says:

    How do you get the elevator to get to the third floor?

  19. Stumbled says:

    I like the game, only problem I find is 2 things

    You can move people from offices, but you need empty ones first, maybe make it so when you move someone you can click on someone elses desk and they swap positions.

    Also if you upgrade the office quickly but not the workers you can not upgrade them at all anymore due to not having an “appropriate office environment”.

    Other than that, the game is fun :)

  20. Blip says:

    How about being able to click on the workers dest to move them instead of hunting them down……

  21. fajas colombianas says:

    This game is confusing

  22. OMG! says:

    OMG will someone pleas put a mass promote on this thing!!!!!!!!!

  23. homebrew for wii says:

    Thank you stumble upon! I love finding content that is entertaining. I thought the graphic was hilarious and the game itself is quite fun. Had me tied up for quite a while.

  24. really? says:

    why would you play a game about work?

  25. Mdem says:

    This game just keeps crashing, I’ve tried it without been logged in, and logged in.
    It happens randomly, but about 60-80workers it just crashes, everything stops and rooms disapear!

    keep wasting time on restarting, but i give up now ><

  26. Bug says:

    I played this for a couple of hours then everything just bugged out. My bottom floor went missing, along with my IT staff, and the gym. Also now none of the elevators work and my toons are just stuck. I had my business going pretty well. Sucks I have to start over.

  27. fan of the game says:

    love the game but it bugs out when i get 4 floors and around 25 some employees and the elevators stop working, everyone gets stuck, it stops moving fast and no-one does anything. I think have the most current flash but i will update again just in case. i have played like 4 times but always have to restart after i get to the same spot. It is killing the experience.

  28. Alison says:

    i lost everything right after i finished the game (it let me keep going so i wanted to make it higher but everything kept disapearing even the people and there was only one clown and half the cats were big the other half were small!) :(

  29. beanballs says:

    all too easy. after the first half hour it kinda got repeditive

  30. staden says:

    fun, but extremely easy and kept bugging out, seemed to happen when i upgraded my elevators to turbo something or other. things like floors disappearing, guys glitching out and not moving.
    decent concept.

  31. Cyco says:

    What does advanced infrastructure do. or something. it was under buildings but im not sure what it does

  32. Easy says:

    Is there any way to see what the little glyphs are coming out of the workers when they are upset? There’s one that looks like a speaker and I can’t figure out what they’re complaining about.

  33. NTenjou says:

    All the things that develope from research never appear =/

  34. Love It says:

    Just wanted to say that I’m loving the game! I have had no issues so far (all research done except last one) except one little thing: all my employees report as having been recruited on day 0. Other than that a surprisingly enjoyable little gem, this :-)

  35. Jethro says:

    Pretty entertaining game – really enjoyed it! Finished in 21 days on medium difficulty. Took a while, but I think the game is a little easy. Employees seem to be really happy all the time and cash flow is never a problem, so for a simulation game i’s comparitively simple to finish.

    That said, it was great fun!

  36. Ricky says:

    So, the game is great BUT it never saves. I get really far and then leave and come back and login and everything and it NEVER saves. I always have to start from the beginning and thats so annoying!

  37. Ashley says:

    Great Game! There were a few bugs though…like when I reached 60 employees the sound got stuck and I had to restart my game. Also I found that it would sometimes not let me hire new people or click the build new office button….
    But I like the idea of the game and had fun playing it!

  38. joe says:

    How do I get the researchers better offices? I have over 100 employees and I’m only having issues promoting them, because of the stupid office issue. I can’t find a research lab or anything!

    • Adrian says:

      only upgrade the offices for the researchers to “deluxe”.
      The Advanced offices are for button pushers and others that help the flow of money.
      After you have done your research, you can promote them to level IV Researcher .

  39. Dave K. says:

    The elevators just stopped moving and now everybody is trying to get in them and getting really pissed. there are 5 people stuck in the middle elevator who have to go to the bathroom. i have IT guys but they’re not fixing anything. neither is the janitor…

  40. dakkas says:

    it gets boring when you have 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 dollars but other than that really fun. again got slow after the objectives were over, and finally Full Screen? also i would of bought this game for pc for 15$ if most of the bugs were gone

  41. Stumblebum says:

    Love the game. Every so often I have to back out and go back in the get everything working again. My newest problem is after 600 employees I no longer get anymore cats.

  42. PalpGutz says:

    I played for quite a while but when I got to around 230 employees and had quite a few floor it started to disappear when I’d scroll. Hitting freeze would fix it temporarily but it would start causing things to disappear again in a few seconds. Employees were also getting stuck in the elevators, in front of their computers. IT wouldn’t go fix broken items. The game got really choppy as well and I think it was because of how heavy everything got.

  43. Terraeclipse says:

    I find that the hardest part is navigation. The minimap is just too small for the area it covers, and clicking the right spot takes at a minimum of 2 tries, sometimes as many as 5.

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