Carnival Shootout

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Carnival Shootout

Carnival Shootout Test your sharp shooting skills in the high paced carnival shooting game. We at Best Arcade really enjoyed this Carnival Shootout game. The game has very nice graphics and animations that change every level, so you don’t get bored with the same style of just shooting targets. You have to play attack cetain targets like birds, or protection levels where you have to save the kid from the mean bombs and axes etc. The only downfall we found was the repeating sounds which kinda got annoying as you play through all the Carnival Shootout levels. Overall there is not to much to fault with this shooting game so enjoy this game and have fun.
Each level of the game takes you to a different stage where new targets are added such as bunnies, moles, and birds. Complete Carnival Shootout and submit your score at the end of the game. See how well you fair in the world amongst the other Carnival Shootout Champions!

Use your mouse to aim and click to shoot.

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