Bloons 2

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Bloons 2

After more than a BILLION plays of the original Bloons we’re proud to bring you the true sequel, the rightful heir, Bloons 2! This time, guide your monkey through a world of 8 unique zones totaling 96 levels of Bloons-popping beauty! If you had a lot of fun with Bloons then you are in for a massive treat with the sequel Bloons 2. There is so much to pop! Balloons galore in many different patterns and powers ups you just can’t imagine. Our team at Best Arcade have been having fun playing this game for hours and now we would like to share the fun with you. The sequel to bloons! In this new edition to the game you are faced with newer and harder levels. Bloons 2 is very fun and a great challenge to those who beat the first bloons game. We are starting to see a trend in game sequels like we have seen for so long in the movie industry, and we can’t complaint. So many times we are seeing many improved games as they release the next version. Rest assured this game is no let down and i’m sure it will be no time before we will be impressed again with the next trilogy of Bloons 3.

Bloons 2 Game Play

Prepare yourself for hours of dart-happy play with Bloons 2, the awesomized and updated sequel to one of the most popular web games EVAR!

How to Play:

Pop the required number of balloons in each level across 8 diverse worlds in the latest edition of the hit Bloons series.

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